Adoption that went awry

We have all been suffering the consequences of an adoption, that was done in good faith and with great intention, but is a lesson in what not to adopt. Apparently the father of our nation, the great Mahatma Gandhi gave his name to Feroze Ghandy/Ghandi/Khan in order to convince his friend, protege and fellow freedom fighter Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to let his daughter Indira to marry the man of her choice. Indira Nehru married Feroze Gandhi and Independent India’s new ruling dynasty was born !!

The great Mahatma had good intentions am sure, he could not have envisioned how his timely help will be misused. Am not sure if Indira Gandhi knew the far reaching consequences of spelling Feroze’s last name just like the Mahatma’s last name …. I wonder if one day history will transfer Nehru’s lineage to Mahatma Gandhi and the true lineage of Gandhiji would be lost 🙁

Cant think of a single child or grandchild of Gandhiji in power… But his adopted last name lineage seems to go on.

The same way, watch what you adopt as ideology, ideas, thoughts, friends, books, …. Are you perpetuating a legacy you don’t intend to ? 🙂

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