Don’t wish to be there !

The most common statement one says to a friend who has helped you in times of need is “I wish I get an opportunity to repay, or I will be there for you” …. I have a huge problem with that, because it basically means the other person will get into trouble, only then could you be “there” for him or her 🙂 so I don’t want to be there for anyone, because it means all my friends and everyone else is fine and don’t need me !!!

Extend it to the “do gooders”… The big NGO industry, or the charity market. If we lived in a better world, there would be no need for charity. The necessity of charity is actually indicative of a world order that is wrong 🙁

Hmmm ?

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  1. Beg to disagree. Charity is a virtue..a demonstration of unselfishness and a genuine caring for others. Charity becomes an issue when it is lumbered with conditionalities … At its purest ….charity is love

    • Don, would like to debate this a bit …. Charity pre-supposes basic need, need for food, need for clothing, need for money, etc etc. So think of a world where there is less of charity for basic needs, it’s a better world than what we have today. A Bill Gates foundation and a Rockefeller foundation are needed because basic needs were not taken care of by the Govt. In ancient India and even today in Buddhism, you beg for food, not because you can’t grow your own or buy, it is a way to destroy the ego and also the society has to take care of the people in pursuit of the ultimate truth. That charity is welcome and out of love.

      Today we need charity to fulfil basic needs, that is so sad. In India the rich donate to charity in order to gain “punya” or good karma, all the while helping create the poor through unethical business practices/uncaring people practices. They assume by giving away money, clothes, food etc they will equalise the balance of their sins and good deeds :):)

  2. From time immemorial there have been people in need, the blind, the crippled, the disadvantaged, the oppressed and not just in India. The Bible talks of God providing manner for the people in the desert, of Jesus healing the sick and the dead. The phenomenal work that Krishnan and yourself are undertaking through the foundation will provide education, opportunity and a better quality of life for many many children. This is all love, for other humans, this is our demonstration of the virtue of charity. What you seek in terms of people not needing in the first place, is equality. I would fight beside you for equality but pray I never lose my will to be charitable. Just a thought.


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