Ancient Indian Health Tips

The following Tweet thread on ancient Indian health tips was posted today and all the tips mentioned here are totally relevant. We need to remember that this was common knowledge and everyday practise. Today some of this is called “Dadi Maa ke Nuske” or “Paati Vaidyam” πŸ™„ and soon today’s young girls will be grandma’s who have none of these health tips !!

Some Ancient Indian Health Tips

Note : All the points written in italics are my comments. The rest of the points are from the tweet thread linked above.

  1. Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham
    If previously taken lunch is not digested, taking dinner will be equivalent to taking poison. We can certainly know and feel ourselves if the earlier food is digested. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested.
    • Somebody asked a Shaman about what is poison and he had this to say health tips
  2. Ardharogahari Nidhraa
    Proper sleep cures half of our diseases.
  3. Mudhgadhaali Gadhavyaali
    Of all the pulses, green grams are the best. It boosts immunity. Other pulses have some side effect or the other.
  4. Bagnaasthi Sandhaanakaro Rasonaha Garlic even joins broken bones.
  5. Athi Sarvathra Varjayeth. Anything consumed in excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for health. One has to be moderate.
    • There is no concept of moderation in our food ! Pizzas on BOGO offer, Chips packets say 250 gms free and fly off the shelves… Coca Cola offers 500 ml free and their sales sky rocket.. samples are distributed free – not one of these items add to our health and yet we consume them in excess. The pizza companies apparently add some substance that gets you addicted and you consume more.
  6. Naasthimoolam Anoushadham. There is no vegetable that has no medicinal benefit to the body.
    • And no wonder there is no advertisement and free offers for vegetables !! Whats good for health doesn’t need any advertisement or marketing gimmicks 😁
  7. Na Vaidhyaha Prabhuraayushaha. No doctor is Lord of our longevity. Doctors have limitations.
  8. Chinthaa Vyaadhi Prakaashaya Worry aggravates ill health.
    • This should be posted in big bold letters at every traffic junction and in movie halls ! So true. We worry and the worry eats away our happiness and health.
  9. Vyayaamascha Sanaihi Sanaihi Do any exercise slowly.
    • 🀣 EXERCISE SLOWLY.. YESSSS. You cannot become Yogacharya BKS Iyengar in an hour !
  10. Ajavath charvanam Kuryaath Chew your food like a cow. Never swallow food in a hurry. Saliva aids first in digestion.
    • My father-in-law was the only one who followed this principle. He would never hurry while eating his food. I haven’t known anyone else who follows this principle. That’s how difficult it is. Most of us eat mindlessly – while working or watching TV or reading or while we are busy posting on social media… then we pop a bottle of Gelusil or ENO salts to stop the acid reflux. Eat slowly and chew your food to keep the acid away !
  11. Snaanam Naama Manahprasaadhanakaram Dhuswapna Vidhwasanam. Bath removes depression. It drives away bad dreams.
  12. Na Snaanam Aachareth Bhukthvaa. Never take bath immediately after taking food. Digestion is adversely affected.
  13. Naasthi Meghasamam Thoyam No water matches rainwater in purity.
  14. Ajeerne Bheshajam Vaari. Indigestion can be addressed by taking plain water.
  15. Sarvathra Noothanam Sastham Sevakaanne Puraathanam. Always prefer food that are fresh. Stale food has no nutritive value.
  16. Nithyam Sarvaa Rasaabhyaasaha. Take complete food that has all tastes i.e Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Astringent and Pungent.
    • We adopt all the Western habits without stopping to figure out if they are good or not. Sugar is ubiquitous in our food intake. Do read an earlier blog of mine Sugar – the new God. So the sweet taste is all that we are experiencing. We smother our taste buds with sweet food …. and our body rebels via diabetes, ADHD, and obesity πŸ™
  17. Jataram Poorayedhardham Annahi. Fill your stomach half with solids, a quarter with water and rest leave it empty.
  18. Bhukthvopa Visathasthandra. Never sit idle after taking food. Walk for at least half an hour.
  19. Kshuth Saadhuthaam Janayathi Hunger increases the taste of food. In other words, eat only when hungry.
  20. Chinthaa Jaraanaam Manushyaanaam Worrying speeds up ageing.
  21. Satham Vihaaya Bhokthavyam. When it is time for food, keep all other jobs aside.
  22. Sarvaa Dharmeshu Madhyamaam. Choose always the middle path. Avoid extremes in anything. Mentions in many health related books

Health is the only true wealth. Don’t lose it before you realise it… Take charge today. Adopt some of the tips mentioned above and stay healthy.


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