Am married to a Sardar ! Finally :):)

For a long time my parents expected me to run away with a sardar … Because I never identified much with the south of India ! Also because I grew up in a sardar household almost. My dad’s boss was a sardar and his daughter was in my class. I spent all my time in their house. I went to the Gurudwara more than a temple, funnily enough, I go more to a Gurudwara even now than a temple and I loved the food.

It also had to do with an incident when I was 7 or 8. My parents, me and my parents’ friends went out for a scooter trip to Lonavala. On the way back it got really late and day’s friend’s scooter broke down. Dad and uncle tried stopping several lorries that were plying the road but no one stopped. They were getting worried because it was dark and we are in the middle of nowhere. No phones, this is 34 years back 🙁 Finally one truck driver stopped, a sardar and he helped put the scooters in the back of his truck and got us all into the truck and dropped us off in Pune. So a Sardar always helped you when you were in trouble, positive image.

I still love the community – and as luck would have it I was taught driving a car by our dear friend Rajinder Singh Dhillon !! The other thing that I associated with Sardars was the Enfield Bullet motorcycle. The sound of a bullet’s engine is music to the ears, that reaches back to old memories of dad riding one to work and hearing it around the corner meant he was back home. My father loved the Bullet, I loved it and Krishnan always wanted one.

Today finally there is a Bullet standing downstairs, thanks to our dear Manish who had the foresight to book two Bullets !!!! So my parents wish and my wish comes true finally – I am married to a Bullet riding Sardar 🙂 it’s a different matter that Krishnan looks every inch a South Indian, his heart is just as big as a Sardar’s and he always stops anywhere to help someone in trouble….

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    • Kulveer, am sure fond of Sikhs because I think you guys are an amazing community. The teachings of the Gurus, the concept of the langar, the fact that a Sikh would do any work but never beg, the concept of seva …. Great way to teach children about the dignity of labor and the importance of service. The first mystic that I had exposure to was Guru Nanak Dev and when he says, turn my legs where they don’t point to Mecca and wherever his legs are turned Mecca is seen… Conveys the beautiful message that God is everywhere, don’t be stuck to stupid rules and superstitions. 🙂 so yes, I am fond of Sikhs.


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