We play cricket – unbelievable

Pakistan kills our soldiers, breaks the ceasefire rule and in the next few days there will be high drama and they will say we never did it, and we will cry foul and then the matter will die down, till another brave Indian soldier posted on the border is killed.

And the spineless Prime Minister of a spineless country will invite Pakistanis to play cricket and our cricket team made up of superstars will lose to them !!

Even more unbelievable is we give a visa to Javed Miandad !! A known India baiter/hater whose daughter-in-law is married to Dawood’s son. Maybe we would have sent him a private jet at our tax payers expense and deployed a 100 policemen to keep him safe – important man. While actively his in-law plans his next attack against us safely somewhere in Pakistan. How kind of him to not come visit us, we are touched by his gesture.

It’s not just that we have corrupt politicians, we have sick people running this country – they can neither keep our streets safe, nor do anything right for the nation… Even if they have done a few things right, its forgotten in the ocean of mess. This has to change and soon. We need people who put India first to run this country. Enough of corrupt idiots 🙁

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