Hope = Infosys campus

I attended a Nasscom session today. Ravi Venkatesan was interviewing Prof Joseph Stiglitz, a two time Nobel laureate. All that we learnt in our macro economics class at ISB was worth it because I understood everything that was spoken, and fascinatingly enough, Prof Stiglitz had some compelling arguments about why Walmart’s entry into India is no good for the Indian retail industry. Thank God, our assignment is all done !!

Today was a truly a great day – besides the interesting conversation that Krishnan and I could witness, we sat 10 ft away from Mr. Narayan Murthy ! This conversation was held in the Infosys campus, in their board room and Mr. Murthy had come by. Couldn’t get a picture with him or shake his hand as he left before the session finished, but just getting the chance to sit in the same room with him was great.

And I said this to many people, the Infosys campus represents hope… The fact that an organization started with 10,000 rupees 25 years back could create a world class campus like this in India spells hope. For that alone, Mr. Murthy deserves a big “thank you”. It’s no mean feat. I just hope and pray, that this organization survives a 100 years and more, like the other great organization, the Tata group. They will need to find the next generation of leaders to lead the sustaining of hope.

Read about Joseph Stiglitz, Ravi Venkatesan and Mr. Narayan Murthy.

Joseph Stiglitz

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Narayan Murthy

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