Aadi Perukku 2023

Significance of Aadi Perukku

Aadi Perukku is to celebrate water and thank the rivers for their gift of water that sustains life. In the Sanatana Dharma class that Krishnan and I attended in 2020, Prof Mahadevan explained that all the devas and devis that we pray to are in fact elements of Nature. Bhooma Devi – Earth, Surya Deva – Sun, Agni Deva – Fire, Varuna deva – water (rains), Vayu Deva – Air, Indra Deva – Thunder, Kama Deva – Love, Kartikeya – for victory in War etc. Nature is worshipped everyday and all our festivals are thanksgiving festivals. We thank the Earth for a bountiful crop during Pongal, Sankranti, Bihu etc and we thank the river for sustaining life during Aadi Perukku.

This year Aadi Pathinettam Perukku was celebrated today. Instead of using rice to make the different varieties of mixed rice, I used Poha (Aval in Tamil, Beaten Rice). We are no longer working on farms so the quantity of food that we can consume is significantly less :). I made tiny quantities so that we could enjoy them and not feel too full.

Aadi Perukku 2023
Clockwise from the bottom – Aval Payasam, Aval Puliyodharai, Coconut Aval, Lemon Aval

Aval Payasam is a favourite of my favourite Bhagwan Krishna, so it’s made a few times in the year at home. Since Poha or Aval is beaten rice, these taste very similar to the ones made with rice.

I had written in 2020 about Aadi Pathinettam Perukku – Festive season 2020 begins. It’s actually the start of the Hindu festive season. In August this year, we have Nag Panchami on the 21st, Varalakshmi Vratham on the 25th, Raksha Bandhan and Avani Avittam on the 30th.

August 15th ofcourse is the most important festival – the day India got its independence in 1947.

Happy Pathinettam Perukku and may the devas bless the Earth with abundance.

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4 thoughts on “Aadi Perukku 2023”

  1. Thiru Aadi Perukku vaazhthukkal! Prayers that our rivers be abundantly filled with life-sustaining water and bestow prosperity on Bharat 🙏🙏🙏

    May makkal remember Ma Kaveri more than PS-1& PS-2 😃 .. PS begins with Aadi Perukku!

    • Haha yes I remember that. Was planning to add that little bit of info to the blog today. Couldn’t watch PS-2. But yeah Ma Kaveri is beyond all the movies and the petty squabbles.

  2. We have yet another celebration in August, Chandraayan’s upcoming landing on the 23rd ! May the prayers of a billion Indians accompany it to the Moon 🙏


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