The CON-Kit

I received the following set of pictures as a WhatsApp forward a couple of days back. Was very upset as I read through it, but following my own rule, I waited a couple of days before posting it as a blog. There is a lot of fake news, doctored videos and Bot created content doing the rounds. Didn’t want someone to do a fact check and realise that this was a con on the CON-Kit. 😃

Read through in sequence –


How the CON-Kit works

The unnecessary furore created by Thugpurush Kejriwal by tweeting about a Singapore strain is how the toolkit is followed. This man is the worst virus ever to hit Delhi and Indian politics. He only works for himself and the mothership CONgress. During these testing times, Thugpurush, violated the rules of engagement by live telecast of the PM-CM meeting. Mr. Modi put him in his place.

See the following note that came up on LinkedIn regarding his tweet about the B16172 strain.

Ecosystem - Kejriwal

Why does Thugpurush do this? Because he is hoping that India-Singapore relations will get strained and Mr. Modi’s popularity will decrease. This is how the ecosystem works.

The other example of the CON-Kit is Mr. Sonu Sood. He has been propped up by the CON-ecosystem. The mask is coming off his face too but slowly. I don’t want to write about that now, but will write later.

Offensive Elements of the CON-Kit

I have no problems with the opposition parties targeting Mr. Modi and the BJP. Thats political. But the attempt to undermine India is what upsets people like me. In their hatred for Mr. Modi, they have become anti-national. The entire world is appreciating Government of India’s efforts in managing the pandemic, while our own citizens suddenly find everything wrong with this government.

  1. Super spreader Kumbh and politicising religion…. this tactic smacks of CONgress behaviour since 1947 ! They are deeply anti-Hindu and continue appeasing the no-longer-minority communities. What about the farmers protest ? Today a Punjab minister has called the protest as a super spreader event !
  2. In Part II, it mentions the fact that ventilators are lying unused in Punjab and Chattisgarh …. under the current circumstances that is CRIMINAL and the Punjab and Chattisgarh CM’s heads must roll. But this CON-Kit wants that to be highlighted as defective ventilators. Karma is a bitch, is all that I can say in response.
  3. Point V-e says “Respond to help only if a person tags IYC social handle”… seriously ? how low can these folks go? The souls that were lost will certainly tag the IYC social/religious/political handle 😡.

CON-Kit Fails – The Good News

After all these efforts India still remains the safest country to be in during the pandemic. The BJP or Mr. Modi isn’t saying it, but the John Hopkins data is.

CON-Kit fails

Every country is trying its best to safeguard its people and resources. Every human being wants to live. The virus is not welcome anywhere except for some of the Pharma giants, world renowned Vaccine philanthropists and some political outfits. What these people don’t understand is, that life and death are sacred. Playing with people’s lives doesn’t accrue good Karma, either in this life or the afterlife.

Stay safe friends and foes. We can always fight over trivia once the virus is gone forever.

Parting shot for the HMVs – 2024, landslide victory for Mr. Modi. Phir Ek Baar Modi Sarkar ❤️

4 thoughts on “The CON-Kit”

  1. worthy of FB post.

    On a serious note mahua the tigress has not met this lioness. you are a seriously well informed supporter with facts.

    You would make 6 jokers of BJP TN jobless (applying the HR principle)

    • You are very kind 🙏🏿. I am deeply concerned about TN – with or without BJP. Its back in the hands of DMK and God alone knows where the state is headed. There is rampant incentivised conversion and the freebie culture has taken root. I am not interested in politics at all Sir. BJP without some people like Modiji and Yogi is CONgress in saffron :(:(. Will vote for them as long as there is leadership like Mr. Modi, not otherwise.


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