A life well lived

Dear Appa,

Today is six years since you left and this year I want to remember how you lived your life. Here’s the note I sent to everyone on Dec 12, 2008….


It is true, you lived well because you met all your personal goals …sure there were some that didn’t work out, but overall you did all that you planned to do. Whether it was deciding to have just one child, and wanting it to be a daughter to not wanting to work after you retired, and travelling to new places … Learning yoga, staying fit, trying different foods except non-vegetarian foods, everything pointed to your zest for life. A couple of days back, Venki and Meenu were home and we got talking about grandmom, and her guts to face life.

Grandmom passed on her zest for life to you, her love of travel and her egalitarian views, and yes you passed on all that to me. When people ask me if I miss you, I don’t know how to answer because there are so many things that have happened in our lives after you have left that it seems as though you are around and advising us or praying for us 🙂 when we didn’t listen to you. I do miss hearing your voice sometimes and seeing that sense of pride in your eyes as Krishnan or I accomplish something, but I know you are seeing it all.

Appa some great news, Chami Chitappa’s younger daughter’s engagement is done too and she will be married next year.. What a life he has had and everything seems to be turning out right for him. The other great news is I have rediscovered yoga and its working its magic on me. Just as I rediscovered my love for cycling after you left. These are the reasons I feel you are just here, unseen and unheard but just around.

I do have a few complaints with Amma, she makes good tea only for Molina and is reluctant to make tea if I ask her. Don’t think you can convince her, but just thought I will let you know. :):). She also refuses to stop cleaning the utensils, even when her hands get rough. And Appa, she made that idli her mother used to make for Anu, and never for me till two weeks back. :):)

Thank you Appa, for being a great example for how to live a simple, contented, happy life. Hope you are having fun in the afterlife or in your next life.

Lots of love

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