I underestimated

I underestimated the impact of cricket !! I drove back from work today and the roads were empty. Then I remembered we had the one day match today and thank God India won !

I just have had too much cricket … It’s like having too much of a good thing. And the interest just wears off. But that’s me. Looks like too much cricket is not a problem for most people in India. I wonder how Osho would explain this. He always said that if you want to give up on something, or allow something to drop, just do “too much” of it, like smoke inside a closed room continuously for a whole day and you probably won’t want another cigarette in your life .. (That is if you outlived the smoking binge !)

Is cricket another outlet for us to watch someone else playing just like the movies that are entertainment ? Or like the fiction novels (magical realism) – your brain is not ticking away and you can do nothing to change what’s happening – you can just watch.

Well, our cricket team is safe – their earnings are safe, most people still feel enough is not enough 🙂

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