46 Deg to 23 Deg 😁

On May 23rd 2022, the temperature in Delhi NCR reached 23 Deg !!! Amazing coincidence and a very welcome one.

Krishnan got ready for his swimming after a break of 15 days and suddenly the skies darkened and it started to rain. We even had a hailstorm for a few minutes. The light and sound show was spectacular.

Once the hailstorm stopped, we tried going out for a walk in the rain but the entire car park and the walking path inside our condo complex had lots of water stagnation. So we got back home and stood on the balcony for some time enjoying the super cool breeze and slight drizzle.

I actually had to switch on the geyser and use lukewarm water as I had to wash my hair and the water was quite “cold”.

Do enjoy the rains with us in this short video –

What a welcome relief from the stifling heat !

With all three of us falling sick the last one week has been really boring. The rains have just lifted our mood. Hopefully these rains are also harbingers of better times health wise for us …. Rains have always been lucky for Krishnan and I.

Sitting near the balcony and writing this blog and after nearly two months I can sit without the fan or Air Conditioner running at full speed. I know this is for a short while but want to enjoy it all the same 😃.

23 deg rains
The view from the balcony as I write this blog

23 deg rains
My buddy the Crow is also enjoying the rains. See if you can spot the airplane in the skies !

3 thoughts on “46 Deg to 23 Deg 😁”

  1. Felt like being there in your Gurgaon home !!
    Especially when Hyderabad heat is unrelenting with high humidity.


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