Why Santa isn’t a girl ?

Today’s blog is dedicated to my 4.5 year old advisor, Aaliyah.

Aaliyah’s thought provoking question for me today was “Why isn’t Santa a girl?”. She asked her mom, and when she couldn’t answer she was asked to check with me. Here’s my view – Santa is not a woman because of two reasons, one, he wears these huge white socks which no fashionable cool woman would wear, and two, the goodies he carries are heavy since they are for so many little children, it’s not cool for a woman to carry heavy things and that too in a sack !

Aaliyah, just like your dad carries all the heavy things and doesn’t let your mom carry them around, Santa is just being chivalrous and not letting a lady do the heavy work. Also try and think of a lady carrying goodies and riding a sled and being fat and round ?? It doesn’t look nice.

As you grow up, remember to do things that you are really good at. A boy/man is naturally good at lifting heavy objects, being the protector and better at some of the sciences, as a girl/woman you will be naturally good at doing many things at the same time, being a nurturer and better at some of the sciences – a boy and girl complete a human being, just like the head and the heart ! No one is more important and no one is better than the other but each of them is better at some things and together they are complete. That’s why Santa is a boy and Goddess Lakshmi is a girl – each does what they are really good at.

Imagine Lord Ganesha as a woman ? It doesn’t fit – no woman is potbellied and has a trunk for a nose, it’s not cool and similarly imagine Goddess Lakshmi as a man – doesn’t fit.

Hope I explained it well 🙂 if not I will ask Santa to drop by and clarify to you – very tough question that you asked !

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  1. i love you. please get a bunk bed.i will climb up the ladder and sleep in it and when it is time to go to school i will get down the ladder and go to school 🙂
    santa is not a girl because santa is a boy did you know that santa is a boy yes you know it he is a boy


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