Sorry Yesu ….


When we don’t remember history, we are forced to repeat it. 84 years back in 1928, during the British raj, peaceful protestors led by Lala Lajpat Rai were lathi charged and Lala Lajpat Rai died of the wounds he sustained 🙁 What is different 84 years later ? As the picture below shows, we have degenerated as a society to lathi charging girls and women 🙁


The incident 84 years back made the British contend with Bhagat Singh, now I wonder who will rise against the current spineless Raj !!

The British raj introduced corruption and we have kept the faith – becoming so corrupt as a nation that we don’t even see it as shameful. The British raj taught us the doctrine of “divide and rule” and again we have kept the faith – we divide on the lines of religion, caste, language, levels of corruption, levels of moral depravation, river water, immigrant vote banks and many more layers of division that I don’t want to know. It’s sadly funny to see a Karnataka minister appealing to the Govt to release Cauvery water to TamilNadu on humanitarian grounds because the farmers will otherwise lose their crops – I didn’t know these are two different countries ! I always thought these are two states in our country. Am not blaming the British raj for all ills, am just appalled that we don’t seem to learn any lessons from our experiences.

Today is the birthday of the saviour, Jesus…. and the gang-rape victim is fighting for her life and a policeman’s family is mourning his death. I can almost see the tears in Jesus’ eyes, he taught love and peace, and the world celebrates his birthday each year amidst increasing violence. The Christmas trees in the US are stained by the death of those innocent school children and in India the rape didn’t stain it as much as the aftermath. The politicians trying to blame the police, the police trying to follow orders, and the youth marching peacefully being beaten up – the great President of India not being able to come out of his presidential palace to reassure the public, but has time to meet with the MPs. Maybe he is also worried about his safety … What if women behave like the men ??

The Prime Minister reassures the nation … Hope he got permission from the high command, Mayawati has 80 policemen guarding her … Hope they aren’t fetching camel’s milk for her bath as well, 260 candidates fielded by different political parties with rape charges India Today article…. No hope !! The home minister says, he can’t have people protesting and asking to meet him, what if Maoists wanted to do the same ? Mr. Shinde, I apologise on behalf of all the protestors, they mistook you for a human being. They forgot that when you become a politician in India, especially in the present government you give away your brains and heart to the central coffer and just become an idiot box, passing along messages.

For the past three days there is a question I want to ask – flip the story around… What if this gang-rape was done by the scions of the political family or the ultra rich business houses, would we have asked for the death penalty or would we have taken out these peaceful protest marches, more importantly would we have even heard of it ? And remember when we did that the last time around, Manu Sharma went behind BARS, but got out enough times to be in front of them and party in them (bars). Flip the story another way, if the victim was from one of the political families or business families, how quickly would justice be administered ? After all we released dreaded criminals just because a dear daughter of a dear politician was kidnapped ! Yeah, it smells rotten – that’s how it smells when we elect to use rotten eggs as our “leaders”.

The truth is – we truly don’t care, now that Sachin Tendulkar has retired from some format of the most watched game, we will cry and beat our chests and pile accolades on him and the great Congress party would once again have successfully diverted our attention away from the most important issue at hand… Seeing Mrs. Sonia Rajeev (am tired of the misuse of the Mahatma’s last name) even the most skeptical should become believers in rebirth and reincarnation. How else can you explain the same behavior of the party mavericks of yester years repeated by someone who wasn’t even born here ?

The streets are unsafe, the homes are unsafe (marital rape is common and there is no law against it in our great country), schools are unsafe (a 3 year old was raped in a play school) and we continue to go about our lives “non-violently” with a Prime Minister who is hoping to get the Nobel peace prize 🙁 “Simon, go back” should be replaced with “Simon, come back” – atleast we will have a foreign enemy, it’s difficult to fight your own blood.

Sorry Yesu, we don’t deserve you, we don’t deserve life, we only know how to make you cry on your birthday with our cruelty. Apologies, you saved the wrong race.

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