Why me ?????

Why only my flight gets delayed ? Why only do I get fat while others remain slim ? Why do I remain poor while everyone gets rich ? Why is only my child dumb while her child comes first in class ? Why do I just pass while he gets 100%?? Why only I can’t drive/ride faster than him ? Why don’t I have a bigger house ? Why doesn’t my brother gift me a “Phantom” ? Why only I can’t go on that cruise ? Why only I have this allergy ? Why only I have motion sickness ? Why does only my husband/wife sleep around ? Why only my cake turns out lumpy and tasteless ? Why only I am stuck in this city while everyone else have moved out ? Why only I don’t become a CEO/VP/Manager/PM/Defence Minister/Foreign Minister/Film star ??? Why only I have this pimple and not my friend ? Why only I don’t get married while everyone else does ? Why only I have to struggle for everything while everyone has it easy ? Why only I dont get certified at something that everyone else does ? Why only my pocket is picked ? Why only my father/mother/brother/sister die early ? Why only me ?????

Why me ? Why me ???

Last night was my “Why me” night …. It was a full-throated performance, just like my guru Osho says “do everything completely”, I wallowed in self-pity completely. I asked all the “why me” questions, screamed, yelled, cried, hit myself, totally lost it. What brought it on, is another blog :):) but it was cathartic !!

The “why me” questions above are a tiny subset of the “why me” questions out there. I cannot collate all the “why me” questions and I don’t intend to. I have a simple solution for them – when you wallow in self-pity do it completely, with every cell in your body, with full participation, go the whole hog…. And it drops by itself. It’s a dumb question – Why me ? Because I asked for it. Every situation, every single thing that happens to me is a result of my choices in life, I can blame Modi, Obama and all the world leaders for it but it doesn’t change the reality – I brought it on. We should print big posters with these words “I brought it on” and stick it all around us. Simple. But we are about dumb questions, we are about being jokes – how else will we laugh like the Devil, if not, after behaving like one ??

My only suggestion is to indulge in self-pity once every couple of years, or once a year but indulge in it fully, the reason it keeps coming back is because we just indulge in it partly and leave out many reasons that we should pity ourselves for :). No, am dead serious about this. If you indulge in this fully as I did last night, you are out of it totally – I doubt if I will ask the “why me” question for another year or two at the very least !! I slept soundly after that full-throated performance last night and I am unable to even ask a single “why me” question today – they are gone. It actually took effort to write the ones on top.

Hope this note helps some of you out there who are asking the “why me” question right now. Go ahead and ask all the questions and put passion and feeling into the self-pity drama fully and get relieved of them for a long time and soon forever.

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