“White” A Coincidence !

It was Vichitra’s birthday a few days back and I started chatting with her early in the morning about something totally different ! I had changed my WhatsApp DP a couple of days before her birthday. I posted one of my pictures wearing the white Jamdani that my friend Vidya had gifted me a year and half back as my DP (Display Picture for the uninitiated 😁). When I opened Vichitra’s chat window I realised that she was also wearing a white saree in her DP – What a lovely coincidence.

Coincidence - White sarees

I had written about this White Jamdani when I wrote about the pink Dakhai Jamdani. For some strange reason I never took this out to wear last summer. This is a white jamdani with silver motifs all over. As with any Jamdani, its sheer and airy to wear during the sweltering summer months.

White Jamdani

This coincidence made me think of the other white colour sarees that I have. Posting two other favourites of mine.

Assam Raw Silk - White
An Assam Raw Silk saree

I had worn this saree on Geetu’s birthday in 2019 and wrote about it – For my BFF – an Assam Raw Silk !. Have worn it many times after that. This again is light and airy, so very comfortable to wear during Summers.

The White Dindigul Cotton

The following white saree with the motifs in black was bought during the Cooptex festive weaves event that happened in Gurgaon in Jan 2017. Like all pure cotton handwoven sarees, this one is a delight to wear. I don’t think I have written about this particular saree before. The weaver is Thiru Naganathan, who has been a weaver for 50 years. A huge thank you to him for weaving this beauty.

White Dindigul Cotton
Dindigul Cotton Saree from Cooptex
Dindigul Cotton Saree

Do buy handlooms and help sustain our amazing weavers. As I have said multiple times over multiple blogs, handloom is art that you can wear everyday. Each piece of handwoven cloth is unique even if its the same colour and motif.

#ILoveHandloom #BuyHandloom

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  1. What an honour to be mentioned in a blog by Bindu when she is writing about sarees. She is an absolute connoisseur when it comes to sarees.


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