Well, the Hat-trick was averted !

Just heard that the poster boy for corruption, Lalu Yadav has been convicted in the 20 year old fodder scam. A sigh of relief !

In the past two days, other wannabe and almost-there stars of corruption got a clean chit in their respective cases so today was worrying. It was much like getting the US visa… when we had to send some team for training and the colleagues had to get their visas, some days everyone will get the visas and some days no one will. It seemed arbitrary to us, but am sure the embassy officials had very valid reasons for accepting or rejecting the applications. In the same way, suddenly the 2G scam-stars Kanimozhi and Raja were superstars as they were acquitted by the trial court. Then the big daddy of all scam-stars, the CONgress declared, they were clean ?@₹.*&.

The very next day Ashok Chavan was acquitted in the Adarsh scam and CONgress again tried to show themselves as the “Adarshvadees” …. imagine if their ally Lalu had gotten away today ! They would have built the Ram temple in Ayodhya in their ecstasy :):):).

Now all that has happened is the newly minted Shiv-bhakt has gone for another Temple run in Gujarat. I have a tiny curiosity that comes from my heart – with whom will he celebrate Christmas ? With Tiny (Alpesh) Curiosity (Jignesh) or Dil Se (Hardik) ?

Jai Ho.

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