Two more fathers …. Gone !

She is unseen, unheard of for 5 years and every five years out she comes and suddenly everyone wants a picture with her, what she says becomes the gospel, and all her husband’s corrupt deals are forgotten … And Congress believes she will win the elections for her mother and brother. We all stay on the channel a few minutes longer when she is covered and not for a minute do we care to ask – what has she been upto for the past five years ? I don’t want to take her name because the media refuses to take the name of another young father who ensured that he stopped a terrorist from entering our country.

Yes she lost her father in a terrorist’s attack… And for that the Congress party and her mother have got enough mileage to drown everything else. These two fathers died being a footnote on news channels and just their ranks came up, no name.

This father of a two year old girl, chose the army to serve the nation. He took the bullets meant for another man, he served on the border, he served under difficult conditions, he stayed away from his family, he got paid peanuts, no one knew of him till the terrorist gunned him down. There are many in the army who are unsung, and go about doing their “work” of sacrificing their todays so the likes of this woman and the rest of us can live safely enjoying our tomorrows.

Major Mukund Varadarajan, died in the line of duty – he could have chosen to continue working for the BPO that he started with, but he pursued his dream of joining the army. He was to take leave and surprise his family, he just surprised them by leaving permanently. Yes, joining the army is a personal choice and death is one of its outcomes… But as a nation, are we doing enough for our men in uniform ? Without whom, the rest of us can’t be sitting in comfort watching money play in IPL or watch this inane, inconsequential woman, make statements about how hurt she is when her “dubious” family is questioned, or let her twit of a brother try and become our country’s PM, and we can give bail to a bus driver in two hours for having killed a father and his little girl by driving on the wrong lane :(:(:(:(:(

Major Mukund and Sepoy Vikram Singh’s sacrifice and the sacrifice of our other soldiers cannot go unsung and cannot go in vain. Vote out this family “concern” called Congress from everywhere, demand that every news channel covers every soldier’s ultimate sacrifice in prime time news with their names and not go shopping for stories to their families. Everytime a soldier dies in the line of duty, fly the flag at half mast at the President’s palace for that day … Only when the nation sees that the flag flies at half mast every day, will our hearts bleed and we will understand a little of what a soldier does for us !

RIP Major Mukund and Sepoy Vikram Singh. Jai Hind.


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  1. I had the rare honour of being a friend of Lt Col Ajit Bhandarkar since we were 16 years old with stars in our eyes. He was a true example of an officer and a gentleman. Alas, he fell fighting in Kashmir, he was leading from the front as always.
    His son was a toddler when the fathers body arrived in a coffin. He has chosen to join his fathers Infantry Battalion and continue the legacy of leadership left behind by Ajit.
    A warriors son will fight for the country silently, with honour and dignity.
    The Gandhi-Nehrus ought to learn few lessons. . .

    jai hind

  2. We are lucky to have a Army steeped in tradition where the son invariably tries to follow his father. The nation thus has a well subscribed Defense Services. Maybe that is one reason why the Political Class in particular and the country at large does not see the immense sacrifice and contributions of the Soldiers to Indian Society. We after all claim to have achieved independence with Aheemsa alone — which is not the entire truth. Just read up on our losses in the two World Wars, the INA of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and other many many localised struggles against the British and one gets a fair idea why they simply left after the World War. We have fought for our independence, only the Political Class does not want the gullible nation to know the truth else they would be a ostracized class!


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