Anywhere office ! 

Today I had a call to take at 2.30 and Krishnan had to sign about 1500 papers at the same time … I know the 1500 papers got your attention :). These are for ShikshaDaan. These papers had to be signed at our CA’s office in Paschim Vihar which is about 35 Kms from home. So we both drove down and thought there might be a small cubicle at the CA’s office where I can sit and take the call. It was a regular working day there and not a single seat free !! 

I decided to work from the car. So we parked in the shade and Krishnan went to sign all those papers and I setup an Airconditioned mobile office inside the car. The Reliance datacard worked well with some disruptions and I was able to send out presentations, notes, take my call without any noise and life was good. Imagine if this was 10 years back … We still had the mobile phone and the conference bridges but no data cards that were fast enough .. And no Whatsapp. And 15 years back ? Well this was impossible. 

Working this way also is the future and organizations have to evolve to embrace this change. The traditional brick and mortar office with swipe cards will soon give way to these mobile on-the-go offices and people working on multiple things. It’s fascinating to think about how engagement, performance standards, HR practices and above all leadership evolve in the new world :).


My car office today 🙂 Nice cosy and on-the-go !!

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