The World of Coincidences

Sharing two interesting coincidences that happened 40 years apart !!

AFA Dindigul and Padmasini Periyamma

Way back in 1983, Appa got posted to AFA, Dindigul from Shillong. As soon as we got our things and were allotted a house, Amma setup the kitchen and got the milk supplies etc started. In those days, curds were not available in shops like we get these days. She called up one of Appa’s colleagues’ wife and asked for curds.

The lady and her husband came by and dropped off the curds. While getting introduced, the gentleman mentioned about his early days in Hyderabad. He spoke of how a lady in Dr. A S Rao Nagar helped him with food and contacts to help him settle down. He mentioned that he got introduced to her when he visited the Hanuman temple on the main road.

Appa asked him the name of the lady and he said “Padmasini”. Obviously !! Amma and Appa then told him that the lady who helped him was Amma’s eldest sister :). Do read about my Periyamma – Padmasini… like Grandmother, like Granddaughter.

Mr. Ramakrishnan and Varada Mama

Amma was remembering this incident a couple of days back. I wrote this blog – Cut Your Losses ! when we met with Mr. Ramakrishnan, the person who helped us exit our businesses at the right time. As soon as my Mama in the US read this blog, he pinged me over Whatsapp to say, Mr. Ramakrishnan was his close friend since his college days !!.

When we met Mr. Ramakrishnan at his home, he mentioned that he was an alumnus of the famous St. Joseph’s college in Trichy. We immediately said that my Mama and Krishnan’s father were also from St. Joseph’s college. Neither of us mentioned Varada Mama’s name :).

Coincidences - St. Joseph's college

I feel coincidences are karmic interventions !! If Varada Mama had been in India, he would have certainly suggested the same thing Mr. Ramakrishnan did when both our businesses got into a debt spiral.

He was too close to the problem mentally and far away physically to intervene. So the universe sent Mr. Ramakrishnan, his friend to the rescue :).

What a lovely coincidence.

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