A day of OPOS coincidences !

OPOS – One Pot One Shot. A revolutionary way of cooking nearly anything from any cuisine around the world in 5 to 10 minutes.

All of us regularly watch the “Neeya Naana” program on Vijay TV. Today’s episode was about what women wanted in the kitchen. One side argued that you don’t need a nice looking kitchen to enjoy cooking while the other side argued that an aesthetic kitchen was very important to cook well. In the first advertisement break, we noticed that RK (the OPOS Man) was on the show in a later segment.

Some good arguments were made from both sides. I agreed with the point that the most important thing for cooking well is to be interested in cooking. I also agreed with the point that the Kitchen has to be well designed because its no fun cooking in a badly designed kitchen. The weather since May this year has been so hot and humid in Gurgaon, that we feel like putting in an air-conditioner in the kitchen. With the Chennai weather being this way 365 days of the year, that demand was also very valid.

People mentioned appliances and good appliances do make for a good cooking experience. I did not agree with the lady who has seven “kadais” (wok or frying pan). Those of us who have learnt OPOS can cook a feast with just an ordinary two litre pressure cooker ! It was sad that not one person in the studio had heard of OPOS.

RK had mentioned on the FB OPOS Support group that he was appearing on this show, but the episode never aired till today. He demo’ed the OPOS Cookbot and I felt there were many ladies who were surprised when RK said that a thali can be made in 5 to 6 minutes. We know its true, but for someone who has never seen OPOS magic happen, its a little far fetched ! I wonder what they would have said, if RK had demo’ed CPF. Guess no one would have gone back home. 🙂

I chatted with RK for a few minutes over WhatsApp. Conveyed Mom’s comment that he has lost weight. I then started making lunch. Dal-Pasalai Keerai (Malabar Spinach), Beetroot Subzi and rice got made in about 25 minutes. Slightly longer than usual because I was using just the 2 litre cooker. As I was about to complete making lunch, the security guard called to say we had got a courier.

Krishnan went to collect the courier and my OPOS 2 Litre Neo Pressure baker came home ! What an absolute beauty this cooker is. Prestige has manufactured the Neo and its my favourite Pressure Cooker company.

OPOS pressure baker

The Neo has a pressure release mechanism and comes with a spare weight and a spare gasket. It also appears more spacious than the Magic Pot. That is due to our mind playing tricks with us because both are exactly 2 litre volume.

Please Don’t Oppose cooking – Do OPOS cooking ! It sets you free and de-clutters your kitchen too.

Loved the coincidences. Can’t wait to start using the Neo.

With RK on Feb 15, 2019 in Chennai

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