The Vaccine Politics

Earlier in the day today, I read this forward about Vaccine Politics on WhatsApp and then a corroborating post by Kalavai Venkat on FB.

Copy pasted from WhatsApp as received –

The Vaccine Politics

There is an ongoing clash between US & Europe over vaccines. Some of the news about vaccine efficacy or safety which we read is more about the Vaccine War than any real problem.

Indian vaccine manufacturing surge has displeased both west and the International Pharma lobby and even China. All are out with knives and then we have no shortage of volunteers who will happily stab India in the back.

Russian vaccine Sputnik was dismissed mockingly by West almost like โ€œWhat do Russians know about science”.

Indian vaccines sent abroad is harming business interests of Pfizer and Moderna. Many “Big people” have invested a lot in pharma companies. India vaccinating itโ€™s own people for Free or just Rs.250 is eliminating the potential Billion dollar profits for the Worlds BIG Vaccine Players.

There is a suspicion that raw material for making Indian vaccines is coming from USA and some curbs are being put on it to slow down India. Hence India was more keen to push totally indigenous Covaxin. We know who all were paid to abuse and defame Covaxin. Chattisgarh state which is almost a Tropical Vatican still doesnโ€™t allow Covaxin to be used in the State.

On whose behest is it. Try to guess!!

India manufactures 60% of vaccines made in the world. Asking it to import vaccines is like asking Saudi to buy oil.

Already Novaxin and Sputnik are going to be made in India soon. But it is not like making paper cups. Will take a few months. Till then we have to make do with Covaxin and Covishield.

We have two credible proven choices. Pay Rs 250 to get vaccinated in a less crowded setting or get it for free waiting in a longer queue. Vaccines are perishable items with a shelf life and can only be stocked in limited quantity in specialized storage facilties. So one have to wait for their turn.

Companies like Pfizer and Moderna refuse to test its safety and efficacy on Indians. They must follow Indian regulations to be able to sell in India.

The cold chain needed for Moderna and Pfizer is not available in India. We can not allow to administer dated or spoiled medication to our people because our skin is brown. The possibility that vaccines discarded in developed world may be pushed to India can not be ruled out.

When such vaccines come to our shores, it will also come with massive misinformation campaign to defame Indian vaccines. Fake news on death and adverse side effects of Indian vaccines will be plenty.

Remember how Coconut oil was defamed by an onslaught of fake news and fake study reports to convince Indians to buy all sorts of concocted Seed Oils by the MNC agro companies.

So vaccine is now the talking point when few months ago the same ecosystem was mocking Indian vaccines

Have Faith in India

Some things that I didn’t know – 1. US Big Pharma charges $ 38 – $ 93 per vaccine. 2. Govt of India has fixed Rs. 160/- as the pay out to the vaccine manufacturers.

There is huge panic… for specific drugs, a shortage of beds and Oxygen cylinders/concentrators. I want to share the experience in our Condo Complex in Gurgaon. We have 80+ active Covid19 cases after nearly 3 months of no cases. All are home quarantined. The number is certainly higher than what it was in Wave 1. We also have 94 Covid19 cases that have fully recovered with home quarantine. That’s the good news.

As a country we are better prepared to deal with Wave 2. Some states are definitely struggling more than the others and thats a fact. I wish and pray that everyone recovers fully across the world, but its important not to spread panic. The Wave 2 seems more infectious and spreads faster, but most people also recover faster. The symptoms seem milder.

I saw this news on Twitter and it just goes to prove the above Vaccine politics.

Vaccine politics

We just need to believe in our own capability. Our country is the vaccine hub and we have our age old Ayurveda to help build immunity.

Closing once again with the prayer –

Vaccination Drive


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