307,865 Recoveries – A new record

As India sets new records everyday for people who catch the Wuhan virus, its easy to forget the good news and the silver lining. Yes, the wave 2 has taken away many of our near and dear ones, it has wreaked havoc on families and its got to many more people we “know” …. But many recoveries are also happening !!

Record Recoveries

In the past 24 hours, India has set another record of 307,865 recoveries. In the 24 hours before that we had 300,000+ recoveries. Our rate of recoveries is slowly inching closer to the rate of new infections which basically means, the active case load is reducing.

Recoveries - Covid19
Screenshot taken from Worldometers.info

Am not trying to use statistics to paint a rosy picture. Am merely focussing on the good news. For those who lost their loved ones, this is no solace and am no one to offer this as solace. But for the rest of the population that is living in fear and panic, the fact that more people are recovering from the infection gives hope.

I saw the following video on Twitter and then a friend posted it on our whatsapp group. Its important that more people see this. It brings a positive frame of mind and gives a lot of hope. Hope does wonders !

If anyone knows this gentleman, please introduce. He is getting a treat and a big hug from many people including me for having put this video up.

Fear Kills Not the Virus

Osho was asked about the AIDS epidemic – as to how to avoid it.

“How do I avoid pandemic?”

This question was asked to OSHO about 40 years ago during the First heights of the AIDS pandemic!

′′ You’re asking the wrong question Osho replied, ′′ the right question should be: ′′ How to avoid the fear of dying caused by the epidemic (pandemic)?”

Because it is very easy to avoid the virus, it is very difficult to avoid the fear in you and in the world. People will die more from this fear than from the epidemic (pandemic).

There is NO virus in this world more dangerous than FEAR.

Understand this fear, otherwise you will become a dead body before your body dies. It has nothing to do with the virus. The scary atmosphere you feel in these moments is collective madness…

It has happened a thousand times and will continue to happen. And it will continue if you don’t understand the psychology of crowds and fear. You usually keep your fear at bay, but in the moment of collective madness, your consciousness can be completely lost.

You won’t even know when you lost control of your fear. Then fear can make you do anything. In such a situation you can also take your own life or the lives of others.

So much will happen in the coming times:

Many people will kill themselves and many people will kill more. Attention, be mindful.

Don’t watch news that trigger fear. Stop talking about the epidemic, repeating the same thing over and over again is like self-hypnosis.

Fear is a kind of self-hypnosis. This idea will cause chemical changes in the body.

If you repeat the same idea over and over again, a chemical change is triggered that can sometimes be so toxic that it can kill you. During an epidemic, energy around the world becomes irrational. This way you can fall into a black hole anytime.

Meditation then becomes a protective aura into which no negative energy can penetrate.”

As always the Master of Masters was spot on ! We keep hearing of all the problems and it just feels that everything is not going well. As the gentleman in the video says, focus on the 98% that are safe and recovering from the virus.

India Vs the Rest of the World

At this point in time, despite whatever the world media is trying to say, India remains the best country to be in. Just received this over WhatsApp and am sharing this not to gloat, but just to bring some perspective about vaccine shortages etc. There are problems and big ones at that, but India also has the ability to solve those problems. Our collective might can move mountains !

Recoveries - Pandemic

I had written earlier about The Vaccine Politics. This just confirms the same.

Let the politicians bother about politics. Lets stop worrying and adding to the atmosphere of fear and panic. The world shall get to a better place. India is capable of dealing with this challenge. We have overcome worser situations – famine, droughts, floods, epidemics, colonisation, invasions and political bankruptcy….. we survived and thrived. Why would it be any different now ?? Especially with a once-in-a-lifetime leader as our Prime Minister ? #IStandWithPMModi

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः।
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु।
मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग्भवेत्॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥

May all beings be happy, May all beings be healthy, May everyone experience auspicious events and May no one witness sadness. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

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