The temporary madness..

The bottle that held the oil broke …. and the temporary madness nearly returned. It happened during lunch, we had ordered food from Wokamama and Amma went back to the kitchen to get her dessert. I heard the sound of something falling to the ground and went to check and it was this bottle with some oil in it. So I asked mom to go off to the hall so I could clean it …. she wasn’t wearing slippers and I was worried about her getting hurt with the glass shards.

She tried hard to try and clean the place and I had to get the tone and be harsh to stop her from coming in to help. And then she started to cry for having made me give up lunch (I had eaten already) and on a sunday when I should be resting. No amount of explaining would help. Then the dreaded sequence of sentences almost started “I have to learn”, “I should never make this mistake again” “Its ok, its glass, expected to break”, “I should have some sense” …… but I hugged and made up !! Phew..

I love glass and everything made of glass – somehow it seems a great metaphor for life, beautiful, brittle, if it chips, it never gets back to the same look, can easily be broken if you aren’t careful. Life? Glass?

Watched a program on PLR – Past Life Regression.. fascinating. This person was a bird in one of her previous life and a flower in another and a brahmin girl too .. she is a christian in this life – so much for the “Brahmin” chip on the shoulder !! Wonder what some of the hardcore “Iyengars” would say for that 🙂

The morning started with the fire drill in the condo complex… As expected, Amma, Krishnan and I were there 5 mins before 930 am but even till 10 we just had a few other residents. Understood how to use the extinguisher and the water hose. We have 924 condos in Ridgewood, and nearly 90% occupancy. So we should have had at least a 100 people, we got about 20 finally. Sad, people continue to be cavalier about what problems will come their way. There is need to be prepared. Have suggested that the drill is done by block rather than all together.

Nice day !

Contribution for the day ? Thanks to the guards in person for having helped during the G block fire …. can I do more? Yes !!!!





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