Long post … Many thoughts

Started the day by watching “Aarakshan”. Amitabh and Manoj Bajpai are such amazing actors and Saif too. It’s a treat to hear Amitabh speak Hindi and ofcourse his English is impeccable. And Manoj Bajpai becomes the character !!

On reservation, the Brahmin community created the differences …. For their own benefit and need to make way for the backward community to have similar opportunities and also help prepare them for the opportunities.

The big thought running through my head all of today has been “what have I contributed today ?” I want to ask that question everyday so each day will be a day of contribution…

After Aarakshan was checking all the recorded program’s and found that Markhazi Mahotsavam had been recorded. It was Visakha Hari’s katha kaalakshepam. There is something about this woman – am seeing her for the first time and something very arresting … A software engineer and wearing a 9 yards silk sari … Explaining Ramayana and Sabari’s moksha scene. Something magical and she sings so well. Will find her dvd’s just to watch. Someone doing something they love is always divine.

In the evening we went to get Vikesh’s marriage gift. Got a Ganesha from Belirams. Vikesh’s has a lot of guts .. Following his dream of being in the movies while many of us are just earning a living.

Now watching Karate Kid.. Kung Fu and all the martial arts are so amazing. I wish we can find a good replacement for George Thomas who can teach me Karate. It want to learn. And Krishnan needs to go back to it. “your focus needs more focus !”

At the mall, every store has a sale on … How much will we buy ? If you buy everything, where will you keep it ? We fill our lives with so much junk just so we dont have to confront ourselves.

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