The party is on, where are you ?

Last year same time, we were at the Fortis hospital, getting ready for Krishnan’s minimally invasive surgery to remove the truant disc that was causing him a lot of sciatic pain. I was just remarking to Krishnan that last year was not as cold and we managed without even taking out our jackets. This year has been colder …. And if it was this way last year, the pain would have been worse and dealing with it more difficult. That’s the promise, the Universe makes to every individual. You will face challenges, some inconveniences, sometimes genuine troubles … But all that happens at a time when you can deal with it. Trust that promise.

Will give another example, when dad had his haemorrhage and had to be hospitalised, Krishnan was working out of Bangalore. Appa was admitted to Apollo Hyderabad and the neurosurgeon told us, he could only be moved using an ambulance, by road and not airlifted as he needed several oxygen cylinders to breathe and those would not be allowed on the plane. Again, if we both were working out of Gurgaon as we had been till 2007, one of us would have had to quit and stay back in Hyderabad. Btw Appa’s favorite city was Bangalore and he did die there as he wanted to :):). Again, life facilitates everything, one just needs to trust and have the patience to understand the why behind a happening.

So before you decide someone is an enemy, think again. Maybe they are life’s emissary who nudge you towards a better decision, goal or direction :). Before you decide someone is terrible and a cheater… Think again, what’s the lesson you are being taught ? What do you need to learn ? Everything happens at the right time and everything that happens is right, that’s the promise the Universe has made to every human being. Is it for the good or bad ? There is no bad really, all good and bad are again contextual.

No am not saying everything that happens is destiny, everything that happens is your choice, knowingly or unknowingly. Infact I love this quote of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He was asked the difference between destiny and free will. His response was “your height is destiny, your weight is your free will”. Loved that response. One of the most succinct descriptions of the difference between destiny and free will …and just see what free will has done to us. It’s made obesity into an epidemic :(.

If you are in the midst of something that makes you sad, worried or depressed… Remember it’s happening at the best time it can, when you can deal with it. Also remember you are never given any issue to deal with that is beyond your capacity. So sit back, relax, smile and learn through everything that happens. Life is a huge celebration and the entry pass to the party is your breath 🙂 so go ahead, have a ball, you are alive !

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  1. Bindu – Really liked the citation from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : )) You made us realize how easily we can affiliate to simple and bad experiences and mold it to have a best fit in our lives : )) Thank you Mam


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