Happy day today !

Almost all of India is celebrating today –

Happy Pongal,
Happy Poush Sankranti,
Happy Makar Sankranti,
Happy Magh Bihu,
Happy 67th Army Day,
Happy birthday to my friends Shakun and Ruhi,
Happy birthday to Sivaji Ganesan’s grandson Vikram Prabhu …
Happy day for BJP with Jaya Prada and Kiran Bedi joining them today
Happy day for the stock market .. Raghuram Rajan reduces the repo rate !
Happy day for the aviation industry with Spicejet being sold off to Ajay Singh

It does seem to be a really happy and festive day across the country today … The question is, why can’t each day be the same ? The reality is, we really can make each day a happy day – it will be somebody’s birthday, somebody will be married or someone will buy a car, or someone will lose some weight or someone will adopt a dog, get a promotion, or retire after a great career, earn a bonus or the stocks in their portfolio will reach their 52 week high, someone will get good marks, give a great concert, do the perfect asana, eat the best Jalebi or just get a square meal… There are reasons to feel happy everyday and there are reasons to feel sad everyday – it really is upto you.

Meditate over this quote from the Master of masters, Osho…


Have a happy day tomorrow too 🙂

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