The out of shape silver pot

It was the marriage of his youngest daughter and he wept in a corner as the “son-in-law” banged the silver pot to test the purity of the silver… little did he know that this man would not just bang the inanimate silver pot but nearly kill his daughter 🙁 I said then – “break off this marriage” but I was silenced because I was a little girl and didn’t understand the ways of the world. But I was right. The story didn’t end with just the out of shape silver pot. They had three daughters and then three more daughters were killed before they could be born – aborted. Finally her sister had to intervene and get the baby machine out – God bless hysterectomy.

The “son-in-law” now works as a priest in a temple, and helps people get blessings from the God – not one of his “son-in-law’s” banged the silver pots. But life pays back in so many ways. He has created such terrible karma for his daughters and for himself. Am sure the payment he needs to make will bend his spine out of shape … just like the silver pot. Unless he is truly repentant, then the old him is gone.

Last sunday when Aamir Khan spoke of dowry deaths in “Satyamev Jayate” he struck a chord in many Indian hearts – self respecting men cannot ask for dowry and fathers need to know that its better to have their daughters remain unmarried than “sell” them to the dowry seeking jerk.

And girls – just know that the man who asks for dowry cannot be a good man, period. Dump him.


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