Luck and the big stage

The most topical thing thats caught our attention – IPL. I have said it before .. I don’t like it. Its like the Roman extravagance with enough wealth, women and wine flowing. Nothing against www but the combination usually does not lead to good results.

But its a good stage where many of life’s questions can be pondered over. One such is about the role of luck. The news channels and the newscasters, cricket pundits all commenting on how lucky Dhoni is. A dear friend and a great speaker would say “luck is the intersection of your alertness and the opportunities passing by”. That definition fits Dhoni… look at what he did with the “lucky” opportunity to get his team the chance to enter the finals. He played an amazing innings himself – could have just missed it yet again. His lackluster form suddenly returning.

Just 48 hours later – another “lucky” break for Delhi and Virendra Sehwag unable to perform on the big day.

“Luck” also needs hard work and talent and perseverance – it just looks easy from the outside. Put in the hard work where you have the talent and watch yourself getting lucky 🙂



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