The letter “k” and today

There is drama associated with everything that I do 🙂 the cooking gas chose today to die out and the cylinder had to be replaced. What’s so dramatic is that we decided at 7.45 am that we want dosas to be made for us to eat on the Indigo flight to Chennai and we were leaving home at 8.30 am. First to catch my mom just as she was running out for her walk, and for us to return from our ride just in time…. So many things had to happen just in time. Krishnan as always worrying that we were getting late while we still had several hours to reach the airport 🙂 You want drama in an ordinary day ? Come home when we are about to leave to go some place. Our bags get packed a couple of days in advance much to Krishnan’s discomfort since it’s 5 days after the day he would have liked … This packing two days in advance is my mid-path since I know what I want to pack and where those things are. Many people ask us if Krishnan and I fight at all – we have different approaches to many things in life and we know exactly the arguments we will have but neither of us stops talking, we know exactly the route the arguments will take but we won’t let that affect the intensity. It’s fun.

To return to today’s drama – I have changed gas cylinders for all of 25 years now and got it right every time, but today the cap wouldn’t come off and I finally had to chip it. Dosas got done, the last minute “almost complete” packing finally got completed and off we went to T1. Flight on time but we got delayed getting out of the airport at Chennai.

As my Facebook status said today, I know exactly what frozen vegetables feel when they are put into heated oil, the contrast of weather in Delhi and Chennai was just that. Where we had three layers on as we boarded the flight, I was ready to remove all layers in Chennai !!!

So the land of kaapi, kancheevaram and now kolaveri di also has “Kanya” a nice parlour to prettify oneself. Just guard yourself against the south Indian penchant for colouring your hair black … If you have grey hair, you want black color. Now, I love black – every where except my hair. Left to me, would go around with a rainbow over my head !! I did manage to convince the Kanya at Kanya to color my hair with the color I wanted and now am super thrilled because my hair looks nice – no rainbow but chic. Rainbow will happen for sure…

Discovery of the day – Naturals ice cream on the Kaliamman koil street, Virugambakkam. Ate several spoonfuls of dry fruit, chikoo and jackfruit ice cream. Really good ice creammmmmm.

Now in the train and posting the first blog from a train.. On the way to Salem for the next “k” – Kalyanam. Ah there is something about k this time, Kalyanaraman also called to say he will be in Delhi on Feb 25 and 26. Karan Johar, I will ko-write your next movie !!

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