Salem… Aravind’s wedding, day 1

So many stories have come together at this wedding ! The worry that Aravind will not marry at all like Vasu Chitappa, to Kannamma Athai’s daughter Geeta’s delivery getting preponed to tomorrow, to Parthy Anna’s weight loss, to Sampath chitappa’s super hot pink “Angavastram”… So many stories to tell. Then Basha, the Muslim son of my grandmom attending a Brahmin wedding as part of the family.

The girl is so nice and her mom is the complete central character, decision maker and the mover and shaker of all things. While the father was unsure of how to organise milk for the early morning coffee, the mother had called a couple of people and milk arrived promptly. Super cool.

Loved the food, very tasty south Indian wedding fare. The Mandapam (wedding hall) is also nice and large and kept really clean. Salem just seems more expensive than Chennai and that’s a surprise.

As Cheenu Chitappa and Sampath Chitappa sat next to Aravind, I could almost see Appa too.. Similar features unite the brothers. This family’s story has to be told,not just as history keeping but also the fascinating twists and turns that runs in each one’s life.

Now to a good night’s sleep .. Tomorrow Aravind shall no longer be a bachelor !! :):)

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