The Forever Chemicals

On July 4th the US celebrated its Independence Day and Palki Sharma dropped the Forever Chemicals bomb as part of her Gravitas program. This clip has gone viral as it should. Am hoping more people see it and make lifestyle changes that get rid of these killer chemicals.

The Green Revolution

While the Green revolution was much needed for food security in India after the colonial British looted us blind for 200 years, there has been an undesired collateral damage too. We lost several thousands of crop varieties and rampant usage of pesticides/chemical fertilisers to grow vegetables, lentils, rice etc has poisoned us.

The one question no one is willing to answer is, why don’t the Punjab farmers eat their own produce ?? Read the article that’s linked below –

“We switched to organic farming. A mother can’t let her kids eat poison”

Don’t believe the above report ? Do read this Business Insider article – The Shocking Tale of India’s ‘Cancer Train’. There is daily train from Bhatinda to Bikaner that is called the Cancer Train because 60% of its passengers are cancer patients 😢.

On crop varieties that we have lost, especially rice varieties, read this 2012 article – From 1,10,000 varieties of rice to only 6000 now. Sharing two excerpts from this article …

We need to urgently rethink and refocus our efforts to go completely organic ! The Living Without Medicine group is making tremendous efforts in this direction and personally, we have seen positive changes in our health after we switched to organic produce brought to our doorstep by the farmers. These organic farmers need more customers to sustain themselves and thrive.

Its time for the true Green Revolution – Go Organic.

Non-Stick Cookware – Teflon and Forever Chemicals

I have mentioned in several blogposts about using Cast Iron and steel cookware. Cast Iron cookware, Coffee filter and an Anniversary. We have given up the microwave and we use only steel and cast iron cookware at home. I don’t have to worry about annual replacements and toxic fumes anymore.

There is a difference in taste too. You can also use earthenware, clay pots to cook, but I find them difficult to use and maintain. Steel is safe, versatile and can be used forever. Make the switch today.

Plastic storage bottles

Please get rid of the plastic water bottles and storage tins/bottles. They again add forever chemicals into your food. I have some plastic storage tins for dry groceries like rice, lentils etc but I plan on replacing them with steel or glass after watching Palki Sharma’s video above.

We don’t use RO at home and we haven’t bought a plastic bottle of water for years now. When we travel, we carry water in steel flasks or bottles. There are just two plastic water bottles left at home. We had brought back water from Muktinath in these bottles, but they need to go as well. For oils, we have shifted to tins – Product Review – The Rise of the Bull !.

Instead of the RO system to purify water, please get the old type water filter. It works well in removing impurities and leaves the water alkaline like it should be. RO systems make the water acidic – again, a health hazard !

Get rid of the Forever Chemicals and lead a healthy life…. btw, you will save money in the process because cast iron, steel and traditional water filters don’t need annual replacements !!

Am still using my grandmother’s cast iron Kadai (wok) and nothing sticks to it. 😁

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