The food network

Any food wolfed down before someone walks in, tastes so much nicer 🙂 brings back the childhood memories of hiding something from mum or dad and eating it. I went to the Vashi office and Monica and Reshma managed to get me the vada pav that I love … Yes, that’s what I ate quickly in one of the small meeting rooms with Monica for company. Then I asked Nanda if my special dabeli can be brought from across the road and that happened too so I managed to redeem some points with Gurinder – by getting him the typical street food that we went searching for yesterday :):). ManSingh played an important role in the above by walking in with vada pav just when we thought they were all eaten…. But then the KV connection is too strong. ManSingh must have sensed my disappointment. 🙂

Met Trapti, Akanksha, Kashmira, Harsha and many others in the short hour’s stay in the office and it was nice to connect all over again. All the people I mention are very special and I have an individual connection with each one of them. It’s not just the connection due to the roles we play at work, but just a parallel track that runs along … It’s personal, with shared interests, similar values, likes and dislikes… And food and Aon cares !

Enjoyed connecting with all of them, and the love and surreptitious way of eating them just made the vada pav and dabeli taste even better…

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