Thank you Soni

It is so final … All hope vanishes the minute the breathing stops. Soni, we were depending on you to bounce back but you had to leave. May your journey into the life after life be peaceful. All words are futile, all that we do is so insignificant when the hour arrives. The anger, fights, jealousies, wealth, height, weight, profit, loss, IQ, EQ – all immaterial. The only material things you carry back with you are your niceness, your love, and how you helped so many people. And you carry all three with you – you were one of the nicest people, you were loving and you helped so many people.

When I came and met you in the hospital, a week before on Sunday l felt you were fighting back and I felt a surge of optimism – your mother and I planned to celebrate your birthday with “Vattayappam” … I didn’t even get a chance to eat it when you brought it for me in September. We don’t know what to say to your parents and your wife. It is right for the child to be their parent’s pall bearer, never the other way around. That pain never goes away and there are no answers for that. I wrote a blog then asking everyone to pray for you, but strangely enough it failed to upload and finally I never published it – maybe that was a message, but I didn’t want to hear it.

There was purpose to your life and memories for us who knew you. You were Mr. Dependable, we never worried when you were in-charge … You stood tall with your values and simplicity. We will recollect many incidents when the numbness wears off. Thank you Soni, one last time, your brief stint in this life was bright and well loved. Rest in peace.

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