RIP Soni

It was difficult to see you lying motionless in a casket.. Some things we just don’t understand so it’s best to believe that God has a logic and makes some decisions for us. The shock is still to wear off for most of us, and I can’t imagine what it must be like for your parents, wife and sister. As the Father said during your funeral service, the measure of your life was the number of people who had come to bid you farewell.

Soni, you chose the best parents possible, your mother has adopted your wife as her daughter – and for her to say that on the day of your final journey was very moving. Sometimes life seems so unfair. Your forehead felt so cold even as the Sun beat down and Mother Earth took you into her bosom even as we all stood around, unable to bring you back. Farewell Soni, as you attain to eternal life. God bless your soul. I wrote something for you ….

Everything is the same,
The sounds in the morning
The Sun rising in the east,
The mundane chores of life
All go on …. For us
The living ones,
But you are not here,
From praying for your recovery
We pray for your safe passage
To the other side
For you have left for your final resting place
There is numbness and a sense of disquiet
No memories come through
No tears drop
Except your mother, your father, your wife
And tears come for them
All our lives filled with
Complaints, challenges, happiness, pain
The greed for fame, money, food
All gone the instant a breath doesn’t return
And the world goes on
37 years of living, now just memories
Some pictures, some earth, some wind..
And then the cycle starts again
Somewhere, love brings you back
New purpose new complaints new happiness
New pain and new breaths

So long a dear fellow traveller,
As the casket lowers your body
Into the earth
Our wishes and memories will keep you company
As you journey home
Your mother’s loving caress, your father’s pride in you
Your wife’s strength and your sister’s empathy
And above all, your values and caring for them,
Will be your wings
Everyone you touched in this life
Is sending a prayer up with you
And as you review your 37 years
You will find amidst our tears and thoughts
How much you were valued
How much respect you earned
How much your friends and family
Loved and cared for you
The peace is well earned
Your smile still lights up her face
You live on
Breathing through her,
Talking through her
And dreaming through her…
Farewell Soni, till life meets life again !

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