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Improve your chances of getting a job. What do we highlight about our work? Will our resume be seen by a recruiter? Read the blog for some tips.

Here’s the cold LinkedIn message that prompted a CEO to give the sender a job

People at all levels are constantly looking for a change of job, and keep thinking of ways and means of getting the attention of recruiters and folks in the HR department.  Happened to read this very interesting one recently…please do read…

Creative Job Titles Can Energize Workers

What’s in a name ? While Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, he lived in a world where C-Suite’s and Executives and the services economy hadn’t arrived. Titles mattered then, titles matter now. The difference being, titles were awarded then and today there is freedom to choose them for oneself. 

The first time I came across an interesting job title was when Devdutt Pattanaik was designated as the Chief Belief Officer at the Future Group a couple of years ago. I then did a Google search for creative titles, and came up with titles like, Chief Evangelist, Chief People Officer, Chief Creative Officer.

Cut to the article enclosed. A receptionist is designated as director of first impressions, business development manager as creator of business opportunities, ambassador of buzz for head of corporate communications, chief cheerleader for CEO, Teao for the CEO of a tea company…sales ninja, marketing rockstar. Fascinating, right ?

As an executive coach, I wondered about the options to creatively title myself… Some titles that I came up with are Truth reflector, transformation artist, mind sculptor, purpose painter, inner engineer…

Do these creative job titles matter? Are they effective? It appears that creative job titles do energise and make an impact. 

Please do read the article connected with the link below. 

Creative Job Titles Can Energize Workers