Hum Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge

Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge

“Hum Kagaz Nahin Dikhayenge” slogan became popular during the Anti-CAA riots. The Libtards don’t want to see how Aadhar has saved 2.25 Lakh Crores of Govt expenditure.

Evil Voting Machine

Minutes before the counting starts, CONgress says the EVMs are tampered with. Fascinating analysis. Bless Capt. Amarinder Singh, a closet Sanghi and Sidhu, an ex-Sanghi who said yesterday that EVMs work fine …. what ??? They probably missed the newly coronated, newly minted Shiv-bhakt’s briefing. Don’t believe me ? About the Shiv-bhakt ? There is … Read more