Stunning Pictures #3 – March 2022

The month of March is the month of transition to Spring … its a riot of colours everywhere ! I particularly look forward to the Palash flowers (Flame of the Forest). They are so beautiful and just light up my day.

The first picture is of the Palash tree that’s between our condo complex and the school that’s just behind our complex.

March Palash Stunning
I keep watching this particular tree from our balcony right through this month when its in full bloom.
March - Dawki
The crystal clear water of Dawki, Meghalaya. PC- From Twitter

The wise owl is up next …

March Fish Owl
March Fish Owl

Then Holi happened and the Pacific Northwest decided to celebrate with a double rainbow.

March - Rainbow

The day after Poornima –

March Poornima 18th
Early morning 5.30 am .. surreal, right ?

My school friend Bhagya sent this pic of the Multomah Falls in Oregon.

March - Multomah Falls

Peelamedu Anjaneyar with his “Vennai Kappu” comes next to bring courage and wisdom 🙏🏿

March Vennai Kappu
Utterly Butterly Bajrang Bali looking regal 🙏🏿

Did you know that we have Rajma in nearly every colour that you can think of ?

March - Rajma
Multicoloured Rajma – besides being healthy, Rajma is also eye candy 🙂

Compare these multicoloured Rajma to Springtime in Kashmir and see how Nature is so beautiful ….

March - Kashmir
PC – my friend Viju

Am beginning to realise that my Stunning Pictures’ series will always have one or more pics from my friend Venky. The one below is of Mango flowers in GKVK clicked on a mobile phone… I can’t get a selfie right and Venky does this magic with a mobile phone !!! He is truly gifted.

March Mango Flowers
Mango Flowers – PC : Venky

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