Stunning Pictures #1 – January 2022

I realised that I come across some absolutely stunning pictures on social media, WhatsApp etc that I don’t record. Will try and curate a monthly post on the stunning pictures that I saved in that month.

January 2022 started with this picture posted by Vivek on Twitter. This is from Africa.

Am just unable to look away from that beautiful pink/red glow ….Nature’s glory indeed

A few days before this, my school friend Abhijeet had posted pictures from Mukhteshwar which just took our breath away ! Here they are –

Mukhteshwar, Morning
Mukhteshwar, Evening

I am always drawn towards hills. I wish we are able to live in some place where this is the view we wake up to every single day ! Just that internet is very important :):):).

Another school friend Neelima, posted the following pictures from Canada.

Sunrise and snow …. like Neelima said, it looks like a Volcano eruption.
Mesmerising Sunset !

Ofcourse the picture that I wish can be woven into a saree is posted below. Its from my friend Venky who can shoot anything and it turns out to be stunning. He is truly gifted. When we started our MBA together at ISB in 2012, he had brought a set of his photographs as gifts for the school. Can still remember those vividly. Follow him @venkybengaluru on Twitter.

Pink Trumpets at GKVK, Bangalore

Can’t get enough of them ? Yeah, I know the feeling !! Here’s another one –

Last of the Pink Trumpets, GKVK, Bangalore

Enjoy the visual treat !!

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