Digital India – Backward ?? !

Well, I feel for the Left-Libtards of India. I truly do. They not only hate Mr. Modi but they hate it when India progresses ! Nothing else can explain someone going to court in Kerala to get Modiji’s picture removed from the Vaccine Certificate. Despite all their efforts though, Digital India has taken off and how.

The following meme was shared with me by a dear friend and I was ROFL (abbreviation for Rolling on the Floor Laughing).


The reason I feel for the Le-Li (Left Libtards) gang is because with Modiji’s Digital India push, they are no longer able to show off ! They can no longer tell friends back home about how developed the first world is and how under-developed India is. Today a beggar in India might be without fancy clothes, but he has access to a cell phone.

My mother thrives on You Tube. She has watched more You Tube than I have and on a “push-button” Jio phone that costs just Rs. 1500/- …. am trying to get her to change the phone but she refuses. She enjoys all her bhajans, discourses etc on You Tube. Neither Krishnan nor I have a clue about how she learnt to view it 😁. Digital India did this.

The above Meme is not untrue. Here is my friend’s vaccine certificate and he is a US Citizen.


And my digital vaccine certificate –


Mine is accessible at all times and cannot be lost or nothing can be spilt over it !

The CoWin application is fantastic. Our vaccination program uses technology extensively. Drones drop off vaccine kits to inaccessible places. Rather than being proud of such achievements, this LeLi gang is busy moping around. That’s why I feel for them.

India is no longer the “poor” nation struggling to make a mark. We are a strong, vibrant democracy that is taking its natural leadership position in the world – the number 1 spot. Anyone is welcome to join the party, or keep moping, grieving about it in your dark corner, the choice is yours. Time to remove the old scratchy records playing in your head and leave the coat tails of the Nehru dynasty behind.

Here’s another brilliant visual that summarises the old and new India.

Btw – Subhas Chandra Bose’s statue in this pic is a holographic one 🙄. India is way ahead !!

Do read – Digital India.

Note – Modiji wins because he is truly a visionary leader with good intent for India. So learn to separate your emotions about him and review his work logically. The man has single handedly changed the narrative about India across the world and has made tremendous positive changes within the country.


2 thoughts on “Digital India – Backward ?? !”

  1. Well put ! People who are constantly spewing hate against Shri Modi … either it is due to envy that he has achieved far more than any of the previous governments have, or their minds are so colonized that they still feel comfortable in portraying India as a poor under-developed nation, rather than a country marching towards becoming an economic superpower capable of defending herself. They have to decolonize their minds to truly understand the vision that Shri Modi has for India. Jai Hind !

  2. Bindu, I am not sure if you are aware of it. If you whatsapp CERTIFICATE to this No 9013151515 you can easily download Vaccination Certificate within a few clicks. it also provides access to authentic & latest info on this pandemic through its Menu option.


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