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It was heart rending to see “Shaktiman” the horse’s leg being amputated. Whatever be the provocation, anyone taking a stick to an animal is not human. I don’t know if some other horse jostled Shaktiman from the back and he fell or Mr. Joshi hit him and he fell. Mr. Joshi had a stick in his hand and a mob around him – the perfect recipe for disaster. Hopefully the prosthetic leg will help Shaktiman live out the rest of his life away from his duties. What a majestic horse he is and even the thought of harming him is inhuman. … What the “man” who picked up the stick didn’t realise in his moment of frenzy was that all Shaktiman had to do was use the same leg that has been amputated to gently kick the life “Shakti” out of this “man”. The restraint shown by the horse due to his training by “humans” is admirable.

Two days back, a man’s life “Shakti” was beaten out of him by a small mob of fellow men. Nine in-humans, 5 adults and 4 juveniles beat a human being so badly that he is gone forever … No prosthetic in the world will help his family to get him back. Many other in-humans watched the spectacle from their cages (read houses) and didn’t have the courage to intervene. The nine in-humans included a “mother” who instigated the beating. Are we truly a civilised society ? I would rather be a sewer rat or a mangy dog or a scavenging crow than call myself human. A lowly crow never eats alone ! A mangy dog is loyal to its disloyal master ! A sewer rat takes care of its children ! An in-human mother urges her children to kill another’s child. Then there is another mother in Udumalpet, TamilNadu who urges the father to hack his own daughter and son-in-law because the daughter chose to marry the son of another mother who happened to be from a different “caste”. Shocking and deeply disturbing to see mothers instigating harm to their child. 

The song that is ringing and burning my ears is “humko man Ki Shakti dean”, the beautiful song written by Gulzar for the film “Guddi”. Very relevant and hopefully this is sung as a prayer by schools all over the country. We need to change the way we bring up our children …. Very urgent. 

Loosely translated for those who can’t read or understand Hindi. This is from the Bhajansonline blog and here’s the link Humko man Ki Shakti dena.

RIP Dr. Narang and Shankar… May your souls rest in peace and may those who killed you find “humans” in the court of law. 

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