Season’s last foggy morning ?

Today we went for a walk around 7 am. When we started, there was a nip in the air and the Sun was yet to come out. Krishnan and I were wondering if this is the season’s last foggy morning as it has been getting warmer.

Here is a picture @7.15 am –

Foggy Morning

There is just a hint of the Sunrise while still being hazy and foggy. This time Winters has been severe for a few days and in Feb the days have been progressively warmer. We have not been able to wear any sweaters during the day, but just have a jacket on in the morning and late evening.

Around 7.40 I managed to capture the resplendent Sun, still cool because he was shining through the haze 🙂

Foggy Mornings

We love cold weather so these pictures of a foggy morning are a good substitute for when the weather turns piping hot :):). Its difficult to imagine that a whole year has gone by with nearly all of us staying indoors courtesy the pandemic. Hoping that 2021 is a better year for travel enthusiasts like us.

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