Sarva Anga Thrilled :)

Since December 2016, I have been struggling with the movement in both my arms. My right collar bone had curved and I couldn’t move my arms freely … my right arm couldn’t be raised beyond a certain point in the front and I couldn’t touch my back :(. In Feb 2017 when we met with our friend Dr. Ramesh, he made me undergo an MRI and then said that either I could try physiotherapy and see if things improved or he could operate and relieve me of the pain. I wanted to try physiotherapy first and the painful physiotherapy sessions started at home. Both my mother-in-law and mother were almost in tears seeing the amount of pain I was in.

The first casualty of this arm pain was yoga. Little did I know that if I had continued doing my yoga, I wouldn’t have had the pain itself ! Somethings are learnt the hard way and this was one such lesson. Anyway, I couldn’t put any weight on my arms, so nearly all the yoga postures were out – my upper arms had no strength, my shoulder had no strength. Then we returned to Gurgaon and I got my old Yoga teacher to come home and teach me. By September 2017 I could do the Surya Namaskar and the range of movement in my arms improved.

I celebrated the first victory – Surya Namaskar after a year !.

Today I am thrilled because I could do my favourite asana – Sarvangasana after nearly two years !

It is far from perfect but just the fact that I could invert myself using my shoulders and supporting my bulk with my arms has made my day !! Sarvangasana is something that I could do at all fitness levels of mine – it was like a barometer of my flexibility and I was worried if my shoulder would recover to a level where I could do it again.

To praise Yoga is just not enough … its a gift that has to be used everyday by everyone. My school friend Anu had posted about #YogaEveryday for the entire month of June. I missed doing my yoga for the past two days but did it on all days before that. Here is a collage of some of the Surya Namaskar poses from two days back –

Get onto this ancient system of bringing back health and balance in your life… its therapeutic and even relieves severe health conditions. Hoping to be a yoga teacher someday like Seema, till then its #YogaEveryday.

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