Republic Day Tableaux Politics

There has been a huge meltdown on Tamil “paid” news channels about the rejection of TN’s Tableaux for the Republic Day parade. Interestingly West Bengal and Kerala’s tableaus were also rejected as were 13 others ! The uproar has been from TasmacNadu aka TamilNadu, Kerala and West Bengal. Read on as I try to connect the dots backwards …

How are the Tableaux selected ?

Deccan Chronicle posted a detailed article on how the Republic Day Tableaux are selected. Do read the full article here – Explained: How are Republic Day tableaux designed and selected?. A couple of excerpts from this article are posted below.

“The selection process is elaborate and time-consuming. The Defence Ministry constitutes an expert committee of distinguished persons from fields like art, culture, painting, sculpture, music, architecture, choreography, etc, who help in shortlisting the tableaux from the proposals.”

“The committee meets for around half a dozen rounds over a number of days, eliminating and shortlisting the proposals as they go along. Only those who are shortlisted, are informed about the next round.”

Its clear from the above excerpts that the selection process is largely independent of the Government in power. Sure enough, politics does play a role everywhere but only three states crying hoarse over their tableau rejection requires a closer scrutiny.

TN Tableaux Politics

Tamil Nadu state government headed by a CM named Stalin 🙄 have suddenly become very vocal about the rejection of their tableau. Here is the back story on why this is being made centre stage.

Those who can read Tamil, please read this article – Pongal Gift: மரத்தூளை மஞ்சள்தூளாக வழங்கிய கோபாலபுர அரசு.. வெளியே விளம்பரம்.. உள்ளே கலப்படம்.. அண்ணாமலை விளாசல்.

The erstwhile AIADMK government had been giving Rs. 2500/- as a Pongal cash gift during their tenure. The DMK Govt headed by a CM named Stalin discontinued that practise and decided to give out gift hampers. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming that this change was due to some good intent … this is another way of making money !

There are news reports about how cotton seeds were mixed with Pepper and pieces of wood ground into turmeric were handed out as part of the gift hamper. The gift hamper program fell flat and CM named Stalin had to come up with something to distract. Enter Tableau rejection.

Tableaux Politics TN Govt
Taken from the Asianet article – link posted above

West Bengal Tableau rejection and (Jiha)didi’s uproar

With a small change that the Modi Government did, (Jiha)didi Mamata di’s attempt to use Netaji’s legacy for a few more votes fell flat.

The Modi Government decided to start the Republic Day celebrations from Jan 23, Netaji’s birthday, instead of Jan 24. Small change, huge impact ! Republic Day celebrations to begin from Subhash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary on Jan 23.

Tableaux Politics - West Bengal

Jihadidi’s attempt to get some mileage out of Netaji’s 125th birthday celebration got doused with this move and she needs something to remain visible – enter uproar over tableau rejection :).

I hope the Rajpath is renamed as Azad Hind Path or Netaji Marg. After all he was the first Prime Minister of “Azad Hind” who never agreed to the dominion status and wanted “Poorna swarajya”. I have goosebumps just writing that… imagine the impact Netaji would have had in person.

No wonder the Nehru dynasty did everything to relegate Netaji to the footnotes of India’s Independence struggle. Modiji is resurrecting Netaji and that’s so uncomfortable.

World Class Healthcare ? Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan ?

Kerala’s world class healthcare system somehow is not helping Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan !! Hey, am totally in love with Ayurveda and Kerala’s famous “Vaidyas” are genuinely the best in the world. BUT, those Vaidyas were not given their due by the commie Kerala Govt. During Wave 1 of the pandemic, Kerala received awards for how it managed the pandemic….

The health minister K K Shailaja who got the award wasn’t part of the new Govt formed in May 2021. Do read this very interesting article that beautifully justifies dropping Ms. Shailaja 😁 Explained: Why is there no space for KK Shailaja in Vijayan’s new Kerala cabinet?

Some of the journalists must be included in India’s bowling attack – Spin doctors abound in media.

Tableaux Politics - Kerala
Tableaux politics - Kerala

Ooh la la …. poor Comrade Vijayan has to be treated in Capitalist USA much against his wishes !!! Meanwhile Kerala’s Tableaux gets rejected and ofcourse its because of Modi Govt’s politics – hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Feel free to connect the dots folks. Or continue to enjoy the lies that we are told everyday.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.

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