Remembering Phantom :):)


The Chinese Virus has really brought Phantom alive. All of us, across the world are walking out of our homes (if at all) only with a mask on ! Phantom was the original masked superhero and suddenly the whole world is now filled with masked heroes and heroines.

Krishnan and I use the cycling buffs as masks …a Buff (name of the company) is a super stretchy cylindrical cloth that’s used as a sports accessory. You can wear it as a headband, or as a mask, or as an eye mask or as a head scarf or just to cover your ears against the cold etc. There are several uses for these Buffs. While we bought regular masks as well during November 2019 to save ourselves from the terrible pollution, Buffs are also effective as masks during these times.

New age Phantom couple ?

Stay Safe. Stay Masked.

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