Ratha Yatra 2023

Jai Jagannath ! Today in Puri, Bhagwan Jagannath, his elder brother Balarama and their sister Subhadra will go from the main temple to their Mausi’s (aunt, mother’s sister) temple, Gundicha temple for ten days. They will go in their respective chariots and that’s the Ratha Yatra. Ratha – Chariot; Yatra – journey.

Do read the Puri Jagannath Sthala Purana to understand the significance of the Ratha Yatra.

Every year the Hanuman Mandir at Sector 43, opposite the Huda City Centre metro station, takes out the Ratha Yatra on the same day that it happens in Puri. The devotees are able to pull the chariot just like they do in Puri. Last year was the first time we heard of this from our neighbour Sonia and wanted to witness it. Bhagwan Jagannath did not give us his darshan last year, but he blessed us this year !

Ratha Yatra – Gurgaon

Sonia, our dear neighbour gets all the credit for helping us get Bhagwan Jagannath’s blessings today. We missed seeing Bhagwan Jagannath with his brother and sister from one gate, but managed to see them as we took the car out of the other gate. Felt truly blessed.

Do see a short clip of the Ratha Yatra in Gurgaon and please do subscribe to our You Tube channel for more such videos. The first few seconds are shot by Sonia, the last 40 odd seconds of the video is shot by me from inside the car –

It was great to see the devotees ignoring the hot sun and truly engrossed in pulling the Ratha. May Jagannath bless them with good health and strength.

At Puri, the world famous Sand Artist, Sudarsan Pattnaik, created the following art installation –

Ratha Yatra - Sand Artist
This installation is made with 250 coconuts !! Absolutely stunning Sand art

Here is the video about this artwork –

We do hope to witness the Ratha Yatra at Puri at some point in time. It all depends on when Bhagwan Jagannath blesses us and gives his darshan. Till then we will watch him over television and at his temple here in Sector 43.

Jai Jagannath. #HinduTraditions

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  1. Super!May god bless all!May justice prevail and may our country continue regaining its glory under the impeccable leadership of Modiji/BJP in the near future tooπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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