#Praise4Para – Tokyo Paralympics 2020

The Tokyo Paralympics 2020 has been one of the best outings for India ! Our athletes came back with 19 medals, just unheard of. Usually we would not reach double digits in the Olympics. This time Tokyo Olympics 2020 – India’s best ever ! and now the Tokyo Paralymics has also been the best ever.

Paralympics 2020

As you can see from the infographic above – we have at best won 4 medals in any edition of the Paralympics. The 19 medals are no fluke, the Government under the TOPS program has worked diligently in improving access to world class training, international coaches, equipment etc for our athletes.

TOPS – Target Olympic Podium Scheme

Read more about this program on this link Target Olympic Podium Scheme.

Paralympics 2020

Athletes like Neeraj Chopra who won the Gold at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 have been part of the TOPS program. Am so glad that sports is finally getting enough attention in our country and the athletes and para-athletes are getting their moment in the spotlight.

Tokyo Paralympics 2020

I only knew Devendra Jhajharia before the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. I had heard about him and he had to win a gold in 2004 and again in 2016 to be noticed by someone like me who is mostly well informed. Imagine the situation with other para-athletes who don’t have the funds or the training facilities to train for their sport … no recognition, no motivation and obviously no medals.

The Olympics requires massive preparation and no NGO or private institution can support all the needs of an athlete. The Government has to step in and am glad it has. PM Modi spoke to each and every para-athlete before they left for Tokyo and then every time somebody won a medal, he spoke to them again.

It may mean nothing to people who hate Mr. Modi but for the athlete, it was hugely motivating. He has hosted them at the PM residence today. What an honour and so well deserved !!

PM Narendra Modi hosts Indian paralympic contingent at his residence.

Paralympics 2020

Kudos to all our champs and of course a huge Thanks for making India proud. Hearing our National anthem and seeing our flag fly high gives goosebumps every time. Thank you for doing it 5 times over in Paralympics 2020.


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