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Krishnan and I had watched the 2019 movie titled Breakthrough a few months back. The movie is a true story of John Smith, an 18 year old from St. Charles, Missouri. In 2015, John and a couple of friends of his were playing on the frozen lake St. Louise when they fall into the freezing cold water. One of John’s friends manages to climb out immediately and the other is rescued, while John sinks to the bottom of the lake.

John was in freezing cold water for 15 minutes and then almost 45 minutes of resuscitation efforts didn’t pay off.

Miraculously when his mother Joyce, prayed next to him his pulse returns and within 48 hours he was awake !! The doctors attending him termed it a medical miracle and that seems to be the case.

Do read about this movie – BREAKTHROUGH (2019) and watch it. The movie renews your faith in God and for me it renewed my faith in Karma.

6 below – Miracle on the Mountain, a 2017 movie

Ever since we have got the Fire Stick and subscribed to several OTT platforms, it has been a movie fest at home. I love thrillers and old Hindi and Tamil movies. We both love true stories that are made into movies.

We watched 6 below – Miracle on the Mountain a week back. Firstly, its a visual treat. The snow clad High Sierra mountains are breathtaking. Especially during these times when most of us are home bound, watching these stunning mountains just makes one feel good.

Secondly, the movie brings out the fact that a person’s will to live is stronger than all the adversities thrown at us. The unfortunate reality of some top athletes taking drugs is also shown.

6 below is the story of Ice Hockey legend Eric LeMarque who survived 8 days in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He lost both his legs due to severe frostbite but survived to tell his tale and inspire several generations !!

‘6 Below’ Tells The Tale Of Hockey Legend Eric LeMarque Surviving Meth And Near Death In The Sierras

6 below Movie
Josh Harnett in the role of Eric LeMarque
6 below Movie

Some of the scenes are truly unbelievable, especially knowing that its a true story. How Eric LeMarque survived for eight days in those conditions is beyond belief. He survives an attack by wolves and of course thirst and hunger pangs. Its a beautiful scene when the packet containing Methamphitamine drug falls into the water and Eric LeMarque just drops his drug habit.

The critics have not rated the movie highly, but Krishnan and I enjoyed watching it. We don’t like too much of an emotional drama and this had some portions where it was a tear jerker. The scene where Eric LeMarque’s mother asks the rescue officer if she speaks to her mother often and how those few minutes are the highlight of her mother’s day was an emotional high point.

Interestingly the rescue officer doesn’t react with urgency till she sees Eric LeMarque’s photo and recognises him as the person she had given a lift to a couple of days earlier. The point being made is that we react urgently when we “know” the person, however fleetingly.

Overall – do watch both the movies when you get a chance. Breakthrough and 6 Below. They reaffirm your faith and reinforce the message that Life is indeed a Miracle.

6 below Movie
The Miracle man – Eric LeMarque

This movie reminds me of the book – A Test of Will, by Warren Macdonald that I had read 15 years back ! Will post about that book soon.

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