Postcards From Coimbatore #2

As we spend a few more days in this beautiful city of Coimbatore, I have some more pictures from our walks and visits to different places. Here is the second tranche of Postcards from Coimbatore –

Postcards CBE
The prettiest traffic Roundabout – D.B Road, Coimbatore

Can’t get enough of this particular roundabout 🙂

Postcards CBE
Yet another side !
Postcards from CBE
Told you I can’t get enough of this roundabout

Now look at it at night –

Postcards CBE
Watch the Eagle changing colours !

I love the lamps … old European style. The same kind that they have on the road from Dilli Haat till you reach the Lodhi road junction. And ofcourse we saw them in Zagreb, Croatia. Day 18 – Zagreb specials.

Gas lit lamp - Zagreb
A street lamp that is lit up every night, Zagreb, Croatia. Piped gas keeps it burning.

A beautiful Kolam (Rangoli) greets you as you go for your morning walk…

Rangoli Postcard CBE
Rangoli made using rice flour …

Then to ward off the evil eye you also take help from pumpkins smeared with vermillion :):)

Postcards Pumpkin

Amidst all this tradition, Coimbatore also is a modern city with nearly every pushcart vendor or a big store accepting GPay or BHIM or any UPI payment. There is also a multi-level parking with car lifts !!

Postcards Car Lift
Can you see the multi-level parking inside the street on the right ?
Postcards CBE
This is a zoomed in shot of the multi-level car parking facility !

Haven’t seen these in Delhi NCR. The first one I saw was in Chennai, in T.Nagar.

Hope these postcards help you to see vignettes of Coimbatore …. I am liking this city more and more. People are really nice, the weather is pleasant, food is good – what more you ask ? Well, I miss the chaat and the chats, the fresh organic veggies, the soft paneer and the polluted air of Delhi NCR :). Its home after all, can never live anywhere else !!

Just so I don’t miss it too much, Tamilians decided to name this road that I see everyday after Guru Gobind Singh Ji. We don’t realise how integrated we are as a civilisation ! वाहे गुरु जी दा खालसा, वाहे गुरु जी दी फतेह 🙏🏿

Postcards CBE
And you thought South Indians didn’t know about Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?

Postcards were a way to remember the places that you traveled to and these posts serve the same purpose. It’s easy to remember when you have a picture of the place you visited. Cell phones have made life so simple, just point and shoot and make memories.

Postcards CBE Bus Stand
The inter state bus stand in Coimbatore

TamilNadu has always had great road connectivity and buses were/are used regularly by thousands. We walked across the inter-state bus station.

Postcards CBE Bus Stand
The ubiquitous cell phone … everyone has one !

Krishnan had come to Coimbatore first in 1985 with Cipla. He has very fond memories of the city from then and all his subsequent visits.

Postcards CBE Bus Stand
Krishnan was pointing out the iconic Annapoorna restaurant at the Bus stand. I took the pic at the wrong time :):)

As you cross the bus stand and the road outside you come upon the Central Jail. Many hardened criminals were/are incarcerated here.

Postcards CBE Jail

Finally, the idli-sambar at Annapoorna early in the morning ! It’s a must have and definitely part of the Coimbatore folklore.

Postcards CBE - Annapoorna
Annapoorna Idli-Sambar

If you don’t eat idli-sambar at Annapoorna, your visit to Coimbatore is not complete. The sambar is truly mind-blowing and mind you, I don’t like sambar at all.

Enjoy the postcards and like Amitabh says in the Gujarat tourism adverts, Kuch Din Bitaiye Coimbatore mein !

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