Pizza, Maggi and a Pedometer :)

In March of this year, I suddenly decided we would not eat Pizza anymore. Everytime we ordered food, we realised it was pizza because it was easy, hygienic and came in 30 minutes. What was a once a month order slowly became twice a month and at work, it’s always pizza :(. No matter what crust you choose, and what toppings you choose and whichever pizza making company you choose, pizzas are unhealthy. Why ? Because all they have is wheat flour that is devoid of any nutrients, loads of sauce (read loads of salt), cheese that is filled in every crevice and some toppings that could be remotely healthy if only they weren’t cooked !! The challenge is, pizzas have become ubiquitous – and like I said before, they are easily accessible. What we don’t see is, a big reason for the obesity epidemic in the US is due to pizzas and the wonderful sugar water that is peddled by the giants Coca Cola and Pepsi. I have huge respect for Roberto Goizueta, the man who was a Cuban immigrant to the US and was the President of Coca Cola for 17 years. But I don’t think even he knew the health epidemic he was setting off when he uttered the famous words “Coca Cola’s competition is water” not other soft drinks…. As a strategic direction, it was a blue ocean strategy, but in the process he has got an entire nation and parts of the world addicted to sugar water.

Now Indians are aping everything American, from accents to haircuts to dresses to lifestyle… I love the US, it’s a great nation, but there are many things that are wrong in the US, the chief amongst them being health and food habits. Anyway, the point is, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc etc – all make unhealthy pizzas and we eat them assuming we are eating something tasty and hygienic. Ofcourse Dominos gets a call as soon as their advertisement is aired and the chain keeps going, perpetuating bad health.

In March again, I took the decision to give up my comfort food, Maggi noodles. Why ? The same reason as the pizzas… There is nothing nutritious about Maggi and I don’t want to eat refined flour in any form. Just thinking of this gooey stuff sticking to my stomach made me drop the habit of eating it. Again advertisements featuring Amitabh Bachchan, no less, will tell you “chota Maggi” is wonderful – hey, the really wonderful food is anything cooked fresh. Substitute a paratha for a pizza and a Bhelpuri for a Maggi – local food, can only be made freshly and both have some nutritional value.

I bought a pedometer about four weeks back and since then, I have been walking 10000 steps everyday easily. As recent articles say “sitting is the new smoking” … I have started to walk around instead of sitting. Walking is the most under-rated exercise, but remember our ancestors just walked – all these fancy exercises came in recent times :). The pedometer needs mentioning because it eggs you on to move, it’s addictive to see how many steps have you completed. There is a competition on at work in some groups on the number of steps walked but am just competing with myself. Its so addictive that I have decided that my 50th birthday will be celebrated with a 200 kms trek – please suggest a good 200 kms trek. We have 5 years to plan and prepare.

Why am I writing all this ? Because am feeling wonderful, I don’t miss the pizzas and Maggi and yes, I have lost some weight. The weight doesn’t bother me much, because as long as I am eating fresh home cooked food and walking around, am sure I will stay healthy. Junk the junk … Do you never wonder why these things are called junk food ? Because they are just that – no value.

I came across this article by Michael Moore Michael Moore walking. It’s a great movement that he has started because none of the diets will really work … In the long run, it’s just good fresh food, plus consistent simple exercise that will keep you healthy.

So go on, join Michael, join me, join no one and walk alone, but get off that chair- NOW and start moving :):)

3 thoughts on “Pizza, Maggi and a Pedometer :)”

  1. Great article….and ditto– I walk for atleast 60 mins daily(thanks to Fitbit) and ofcourse no pizza at allnot really lost weight but I do feel great -:)

  2. Wonderful thoughts, Bindu… We need to bring a ‘Walk Revolution’ at least in our immediate cicrcles and get other ppl also to do the same. 30 mins a day, 365 days a year for ourselves is all that is required to stay healthy….


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