Pigeon Net After 21 Years !!

We live in a condominium for the past 21 years …. and like with all high rise condominiums we struggle with the pigeons. Many times we have felt that these houses are truly pigeon holes (pun intended). The balconies are filled with pigeon droppings and the shafts are convenient nest building sites for these pests :(.

All three of us love birds, except for the pigeons … my mother loves the pigeons too, but I can’t stand their sight or sound. The first 7 to 10 years in this house, just went by because we were working and never really looked out of the balcony so much. There were just a few potted plants and I had a ceiling mounted cloths dryer inside the house.

Once we were out of full time corporate work, the balconies became important :). We wanted to stand there sometimes or enjoy a cup of tea looking out at the Gurgaon skyline. But the pigeon droppings made that impossible. While our househelp would clean the balconies every single day, within minutes there would be droppings :(.

The Pigeon Menace

We couldn’t get the pigeon net installed because we live on the 12th floor and the balconies don’t have a roof over them. There is a small ledge like roof and nothing else to nail the net to. We called several vendors, who would come, take a look and say we can’t do this because there is no roof ! All of them wanted to weld a temporary structure on top of the balcony railing to install the net. Our condo rules don’t allow welding to be done ….

Finally we found this company called Pest Cure. They do all kinds of pest control but importantly they were ready to use bamboo poles and lay the net on top of that. Finally we had our solution for a problem that has nagged us for 21 years.

Pigeon net
Pigeon Net installation in process
Pigeon Net
Net installed in one balcony
Pigeon Net
Pigeon out, Happiness in

Netted – What a relief !!!

We are able to put the clothes out to dry without worrying about pigeon droppings and we are able to step out anytime of the day to just stand in the balcony or even have a cup of tea… Truly happy with this.

The pigeons still come by but over the last few days their numbers have dwindled. We hardly find them sitting on the net in the hopes of getting in.

Pigeon Net
The balcony floor after 24 hours of cleaning ….

It is a huge relief… pigeons are health hazards. Their droppings cause respiratory illnesses and other infections.

Do read – ‘Pigeon poop causes 60 diseases’. And please find a way to keep these pests away ! Pigeons multiply rapidly and don’t allow other birds to survive. So they are truly pests.

Pest Cure is highly recommended in Gurgaon. They did a fantastic job of covering our balconies. These nets are to be replaced every 5 years.

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